Intesa Sanpaolo selects Cloche d’Or for its new headquarters


Intesa Sanpaolo will be the first banking group to call Cloche d’Or home. Italy’s top bank currently has multiple offices throughout Luxembourg; the custom building under development by Extensa will allow Intesa Sanpaolo to consolidate its presence in Luxembourg and bring in additional personnel.

Christophe Velle, Intesa Sanpaolo Holding International CEO, said the move is of significant symbolic and practical importance for the banking group. “This building will strengthen our image and is in line with our group’s strategy,” Velle stated last year. “The decision to invest in this new headquarters confirms our commitment to long-term development, as well as our confidence in Luxembourg and its financial centre.”

The sale of the building to Intesa Sanpaolo International by Grossfeld PAP, whose shareholders are Extensa and Promobe was announced in 2018. Upon its anticipated completion in 2021, the 10,800 square metre office building, designed by Moreno Architecture & Associés, will comfortably accommodate 900 people in open, modern and collaborative workspaces situated to admit as much natural light as possible.

The Intesa Sanpaolo building is one of several projects Extensa is currently developing at Cloche d’Or.


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