Deloitte occupies new offices at Cloche d’Or

Deloitte Luxembourg will welcome the summer months from its new office building at Cloche d’Or. In June 2019 the company consolidated its 2,350 Luxembourg employees, who previously worked in three separate offices throughout the city, in its new building developed by Extensa and Promobe.

Planning for the building began in 2013, with Paul Bretz and Stefano Moreno as head architects. When the project was announced in 2014, then Managing Partner of Deloitte Luxembourg Yves Francis told the Luxembourg Times “We have been looking for a solution to bring all our professionals together in one workplace to drive cooperation and interaction across our service lines. We have now decided for Cloche d’Or and we are confident that the future headquarters of the firm will be an extremely positive move on all levels.”

The resulting 30,700 square metre space is spread over two buildings, a design initiative by Bretz to accommodate the size needs of a company as large as Deloitte. The main sixteen-storey building connects to a five-storey building via a closed walkway. This innovative feature is only the second-most remarkable aspect of the Deloitte building. What catches the eye immediately is the multi-storey interior terrace in the centre of the main building, affording Deloitte employees an expansive view of the Cloche d’Or landscape.

Belgian insurance providers Integrale and Ethias purchased the Deloitte building from Extensa and Promobe in January 2019.


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